Meet the E-Board

NUTV's E-Board consists of 12 passionate members who help run various aspects of the club, including departments

To contact us, please email or use the unique contact button of the corresponding E-Board member

Pearl Strand | President

Hi! I’m Pearl and I am the President of NUTV! I have been a member for three years and have spent most of that time with the Sports department, as I am a passionate (DC) sports fan. Joining NUTV is the best decision I made at Northeastern and has sparked a passion for creativity that I didn't know I had. I am excited for this upcoming school year and am always available for any questions about NUTV, life, or why DC sports teams (except the football one) are superior!

Emma Toole | Vice President

Hello I’m Emma and I'm the current Vice President of NUTV! I was Marketing Director for a year previously, and I’m the most active in the News department. I joined NUTV after NUin Italy and really fell in love with how great this club is. I knew NOTHING about film production going in, besides watching lots of YouTube videos and wanting to do something similar. I’m a current third year studying marketing and supply chain with a minor in sustainable business practices. Hit me up for life advice, animal crossing, or fun video ideas. I’m always down to help!

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Brittnee Braun | Treasurer

Hi, I'm Brittnee, and I am the Treasurer of NUTV. I've only officially joined the club recently but have loved watching everyone grow in their talents here. As a Math and Computer Science major, I enjoy seeing people from all backgrounds come together to explore their collective passion. Reach out to me if you want to chat about anything related to numbers or new equipment you'd like to see around the office!

Bryce Dearden | Office Manager

Hello everyone, my name is Bryce, and I am very excited to be your Office Manager (again!). For anything from camera-on-tripod to fully rigged multi-cam shoots, I am here to help you be successful and have a finished product that looks the way it does in your head. Whether you want to talk cameras, sound, lighting, or the computers to edit on, I am your guy. I am often in the office cleaning lenses or working on the server, so stop by anytime to learn, chat about gear, or anything else! I am also always available on Slack @Bryce

Hailey Otero | Communications Director

Hi! I'm Hailey and I'm most active in the entertainment department but aim to serve the whole NUTV community. I joined NUTV my very first semester and found a great group of people to rely on and learn about life with! I had no film experience and am now somewhat of a film goddess (kidding). I joined Eboard because I wanted to make a positive impact and build a welcoming community. Feel free to approach me with any questions, film-related or otherwise. If you need some support, I'm your gal.

Martha Gamy | Communications Director

Hi! I’m Martha, one of the communications directors! You may see me at news meetings or catch me poking my head at entertainment. I have a passion in film, writing, and geek culture, all good reasons why I’m in this club. I love all things from pre to post production and helping out people the best I can. Feel free to reach out if you can endure long rants about niche media, references or things probably nobody really heard about.

Drew Caporale | Entertainment Director

I am Dru, and I've been at this school for too damn long. I'm co-director of Entertainment, and a work-a-holic. Talk to me about production, or what keeps you up at night.

Natalie D'Ambra | Entertainment Director

Hi! I'm Natalie and I am a co-director for Entertainment. I joined NUTV freshman year and was welcomed with open arms. As a STEM, this club is an amazing way to work on something that I'm passionate about but can't fit into my classes. I love the group of people this club has brought together, and I'm always down to make a video or just spend time with my NUTV friends! Feel free to reach out to me to talk about anything and everything.

Makayla Virdi | News Director

Hi! I'm Makayla, one of the News Directors. NUTV was the first club I joined on campus, and it has become a big part of my time at Northeastern. I've worn almost all of the production hats at some point, but I have a soft spot for writing. I came in with a love for movies and TV, but I had almost zero production experience. With the support of the club and the skills I learned from helping out on shoots, I was able to co-create my own series! I'm also the department's resident Pop Culture geek. I'm always down to chat about b-list news and Disney Channel Original Movies!


Nick Stolte | News Director

Hey, I'm Nick, co-director of the News department! I'm quite new to NUTV with only a semester of experience prior to becoming a director, so if you're feeling nervous about being new, reach out to me! My favorite part of video production is editing - hit me up if you ever need help with it.

Michael Henshaw | Sports Director

Hey I'm Michael and I'm a co-director for the Sports department. I am a huge sports nerd and I have had a blast making content about sports and everything else with NUTV. I'm really excited to help members get creative with Sports videos and to have fun growing everyone's video production skills. Reach out if you want to talk DC sports, statistics, video games, movies, or basically anything!

Emma Ingallinera | Sports Director

Hi!! I’m Emma and I’m a co-director of Sports! This year will be my third year in NUTV, and I love all things editing & graphic design. Reach out if you want to talk video production, TV, baseball, urban planning, or anything else!!