Meet the E-Board

NUTV's E-Board consists of 12 passionate members who help run various aspects of the club, including departments

To contact us, please email or use the unique contact button of the corresponding E-Board member

Emma Toole | President

Hello! I'm Emma and I'm the President of NUTV! I joined NUTV after my freshman year in NUin Italy and fell in love with the club. I knew NOTHING about film production going in, besides watching lots of YouTube videos and wanting to do something similar. You can see me around in all three departments, but I'm mainly a part of News. NUTV has given me a creative outlet and allowed me to meet lots of people which has helped define my college experience. Feel free to reach out to talk about worm on a string, the Dream SMP, or my random interest of the month. I'm always down to chat and help out on set!

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Misha Grover | Vice President

Hi! I'm Misha, and I'm vice-president of NUTV! I've been in the club for three years, and I've been subscribed to the newsletter for four. I like drawing and singing and loving on my roommate's cat. You'll find me (and sometimes the cat) at news meetings, where you can talk to me about music, graphic design, cats, anime, or anything that comes to mind! NUTV has always met me where I'm at and supported me though my highs and lows, and I'm so excited to have the opportunity to do the same for you!


Thomas Cusack | Treasurer

Hi! I'm Thomas and I'm the Treasurer! I'm active in keeping track of the budget and making sure we don't run out of money. I first became active in the club in the Spring of 2021 working on a 24hr video, some news episodes, and competing in BracketDome. This club has been one of my best college experiences so far because it was a great way to socialize and be creative during the pandemic. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about the club or want to know an expert's opinion on Chris related sports trivia.


David Fatheree | Director of Operations

Hi, I'm David and I'm the Director of Operations! I'm active in the News department where I'm trying to produce fun and maybe a little bit educational content. I joined NUTV in the fall of 2020 and less than a year later I'm on the E-Board! I knew only a little about film and video production before joining but NUTV has been great at teaching me everything I need to know.


Ben Bolgla | Marketing Director

Hi, I’m Ben and I’m one of the marketing directors! I’m mostly active in the sports and news departments. I joined Eboard after just one semester in NUTV, and I've found the club to be a great way to meet tons of awesome people while learning interesting and creative skills along the way. Feel free to reach out to talk about sports (Let’s go Mets!), technology (I’m an engineering major and love anything computer/electronics related), music (big fan of classic rock and jam bands), or pretty much anything. Hope to see  y'all at some meetings this semester!


Brady Joyce | Marketing Director

Hey, I'm Brady! I'm the other marketing director at NUTV, and I'm mostly active in the News department. I've been working with NUTV for well over a year now, and I've made some of my best friends here as well as have gotten tons of experience with different types of video and management work. I love all sorts of strange movies and love anything campy, talk to me if you need to petition for squibs. I'm excited to help get all your future videos out there!


Calvary Dominique | Entertainment Director

Hey everyone! My name is Calvary, and this year, I'm one of the co-directors for NUTV's Entertainment Department! I'm a fourth-year media and screen studies/comm studies major, and I’ve been somewhat part of NUTV since coming to Northeastern in 2018, but I really started getting more actively involved around Fall 2019! This club has been phenomenal in growing my knowledge of multiple aspects of film production, and it is such an amazing community of creative, fascinating, and thoughtful people! I'm super passionate about creativity in all its forms and all aspects of geek culture! Feel free to reach out to talk about music, cool films, Stranger Things, zany historical events, random aspects of pop culture, video ideas, or really anything and everything!


Isabelle Bushkov | Entertainment Director

Hi! My name is Isabelle and I am the current co-director of the NUTV Entertainment Department! As a Theatre Major, I spend a lot of my time doing performance-based work and wanted a chance to learn about what goes on off-stage, or in this case, behind the camera. I joined NUTV last semester and while I had a little experience in film production, I was looking for a way to grow my skills and learn a whole lot more. In NUTV, you will always be surrounded by creative, insightful, and helpful people. Joining this club was definitely one of the best decisions I've made while at Northeastern! Feel free to reach out with any questions, video ideas, or if you just want to geek out about plays and TV shows!


Ilana Gersten | News Director

Hi! I'm Ilana and I'm one of the News Directors here! This is my third year in this club and third on campus. I'm a journalism and political science student so I'm always down to talk about what you see in the news, good, bad or just plain strange. I've learned a lot about production and editing while being in this club and I love the community I've found in it. Feel free to talk to me about story ideas, journalistic ethics, random pop culture news, or to laugh at politicians attempts to be cool on twitter!

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Christine Chan | News Director

Hi!! I'm Christine, and I'm one of the News Directors! I joined my first semester back in Fall 2019 - as a business major, I need to do something creative in my free time! - and have been around ever since! My favorite thing about NUTV is the people (love you all <3), so I love the social events and also acting in videos! My main topics of conversation are Disney, Broadway, and desserts (if anyone ever wants to chat over bubble tea!), but I'm also happy to talk about anything and everything!


Cassie Kuchma | Sports Director

Hi! I’m Cassie and I’m one of the two sports directors at NUTV. I’m a fifth year studying Communications and Media with a minor in Sports Comm. I’m from the Philly area and love watching the sixers and eagles! (go birds!!!). I joined NUTV in my sophomore year and have made some of my best friends in this club. I’ve also learned how to edit and use high tech equipment thanks to joining NUTV. Feel free to reach out to just say hey or with any questions!


Tommy DiMartino | Sports Director

Hey, my name is Tommy DiMartino and as of the writing of this statement I am one of two Sports Directors of NUTV and current NUTV MVP. I joined NUTV in my 3rd year of college and 21st year overall and found this club to not only be a great resource to learn and explore in the realm of video production, but also a genuinely fun place filled with some amazing people, myself included. As a 5th year Business and Communications Major with a Concentration in Marketing and a Minor in Media Production, I attend classes and do homework sometimes, but when I'm not doing those things you can catch me at an NUTV function, whether it be a meeting, shoot or just hanging about the office (we have an office btw). Feel free to reach out to me if you want to talk about NUTV in general, the Sports department or any of the 3 Defenestrations of Prague.