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Welcome to NUTV!

We are so glad you have decided to join one of the best clubs at Northeastern! Here you can find important member information, who to seek help from, and more!

About NUTV

NUTV is Northeastern’s only on-campus video production club, founded in 2005. We offer high quality equipment and resources to our members for film creation. We have three departments: Sports, News, and Entertainment. There is more information about them below. The best part is that you don’t need any experience to join!


Check out our field guide below for information on anything and everything about NUTV operations.

Our Departments

NUTV has three departments. Sports makes videos about sports, involving sports, or around sports. They are a super fun group and they have candy and pop quizzes at their meetings! News makes videos about current events, journalist exposés, and reality videos like NUTV Cribs and News Does Reviews. Entertainment makes, essentially, everything else. They make films that are creative, serious, funny, pretty much anything you can think of. If you have a video or film idea, go to a department meeting to pitch it and make your dream a reality! 

Frequently Asked Questions
Where's your office located?

We're located in 232 Curry Student Center! Just ring the doorbell, and we'll let you right in! 

Can I join multiple departments?

Yes! You can join as many departments as you’d like. You can also be an Executive Producer in each department. For more info on EPs, look at the EP section of the field guide.

Do I need to have video experience?

No! NUTV has EPs in each department that will help you navigate your first video shoot. We also have workshops and resources to help you familiarize yourself with equipment. Come on down to a department meeting to put your worries at ease.

When can I join?

Anytime of year! At the start of Fall and Spring semester we have a big general meeting and a ton of activities gear around new members. But! You can join at any time of year, just join our mailing list or show up to a department meeting and you can be an NUTV member.

If you have any other questions, look at the NUTV Field Guide or reach out to an Eboard member, Department head, or Department Executive Producer for more information. Contact info can be found on the EBoard page!

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