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Northeastern Television

NUTV is an organization that provides a space for Northeastern students to learn, collaborate, and create videos. NUTV works to encourage students of all experience levels to practice and develop their skills to produce video content. Watch and learn as NUTV teaches you how to use our high-end equipment, software, and processes to produce your video idea all within our inclusive, fun, and creative community.

NUTV strives to create an environment that is welcoming to all students that encourages members to share their video and film ideas. We aim to give our community members the tools they need to create film, use their voice to share their ideas, and amplify the work of our creators!


The Yearly Show (fall term only) 9/8/24 @7pm

Board Game Night 2/24/24 @6pm

24-Hour Film Festival 03/23/24 @9:45am

Debate Night 04/06/24 @6pm

Field Day 04/07/24

Schefens Video Deadline 04/13/2024 @9am

The Schefens 04/19/2024 @7:30pm


Our Departments:

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